Let the sea resound, and everything in it
— (Psalm 98:7)

A durational movement piece inspired by life within the deep sea, SUBAQUATIC invites desert-dwelling audiences to reflect on their interdependence with the oceans. The piece is set to an otherworldly soundscape by Malta, interwoven with audio clips from β€œHer Deepness,” an interview with oceanographer Sylvia Earle, from the podcast On Being with Krista Tippett.


phoenix art museum

July 6, 2018. First Friday: In the Company of Women. Phoenix Art Museum. Phoenix, AZ.

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  • Cast: Dienae Hunter, Angelica Lara, Michelle Marji, Rebecca Witt, Allyson Yoder

Megaphone Studios

April 27, 2018. Otherworldly art opening curated by Kenosha Drucker. Megaphone Studios. Phoenix, AZ.

  • Cast: Jasmine Benton, Brianna DelRosal, Ruby Morales, Rebecca Witt, Allyson Yoder