Hello from the Philadelphia Airport, where I am in the depths of an 11-hour layover before attempting a standby flight to Barcelona! I've been spending a lot of time people-watching, eating trail mix, and conducting 30-second one-member yoga flash mobs. (I think I'm going to start a petition on MoveOn.org to put yoga studios in every airport). Flying standby is an adventure to be sure. If I can get on the flight tonight, then tomorrow morning I will be in Barcelona, Spain. And if I can't, then tomorrow morning I will be grouchy, sleepless, and in need of a shower.

But I will still be going to Barcelona.

I will be there for nine weeks with a program called Performing Arts Abroad. PAA offers volunteer, internship, training, and performance opportunities all over the world, and it's definitely worth checking out if you are a performing artist in music, theatre, or dance. I will be working as arts administration internship at Varium Dance Center. I'll learn more details about the assignment when I get there, but it is supposed to involve least some substitute/assistant teaching, which is definitely exciting. 

When I'm not doing the internship, this is what I want to be doing:

1. Making myself at home. Nine weeks is long enough to settle into a rhythm and build relationships with real people. I'll be living with a host family, and I don't want to run off to see a new part of Spain every weekend. I would rather feel like I know my way around Barcelona and have strong connections within the city than try to see every corner of Spain. I want to feel comfortable running in the city, getting lost and found, knowing where to find cheap food, having places I return each week. 

2. Learning Spanish. I want to be able to offer dance classes in Spanish, and I am hoping this summer will get me to a place where I can do that. I'm not quite sure if this will work, though--the websites for Varium is in Catalan. 

3. Dancing. Shocking, I know. There is so much in Barcelona. Varium will probably be the easiest point of connection, and seems to primarily offer a mix of contemporary dance and hip-hop. Outside of that, there's salsa, and flamenco, and the night life. If I'm not dancing every day, then I am doing something wrong. 

Expect some sort of update here about once a week. I'll try to keep them varied, bite-sized, and interesting!