Festival & Residency Coordinator, Beta Dance Festival & Residency Program. Phoenix Center for the Arts

Beta Dance Festival celebrates and strengthens the diverse, multi-faceted Valley dance community through the showing and sharing of new works across a multiplicity of dance forms and genres. In 2018, I collaborated with Phoenix Center for the Arts to develop the first ever Beta Residency Program. This program provides structural support and resources for emerging and established choreographers in the Valley to create new work that will enhance the overall quality and diversity of the Beta Dance Festival. The residency will advance the artistry of the choreographer/s through a work in progress showing and peer feedback session.


Sep. 2015-Sep 2018: Director of Artist Support & Development, [nueBOX]

As artist support and development director, I represented [nueBOX] to artists-in-residence and was the main coordinator and point of contact for artist residencies. I worked closely with the technical director, marketing media director, and other Permanent Artists in Residence to design, implement, and evaluate [nueBOX] artist residencies throughout the spring, summer, and fall, and ensure that artists experienced a high level of support over their residencies with [nueBOX].

2016-2018: Managing Editor, Phoenix Dance Observer

The Observer is a collection of written observations from dance performances in metro-Phoenix.  The intention is to promote dance events in Phoenix, generate a dialogue amongst dance fanatics, and develop a stronger and more supportive dance community in Phoenix.



Feb. 9 & Mar. 9, 2019: Intro to Critical Response Process. Creative Catalysts, Mesa Arts Center

Workshop developed in consultation with John Borstel for inaugural cohort of The Collective, a program that uses creativity to activate leadership skills and enhance innovation across sectors. 


Aug. 29, 2018: Vibrant City Grantwriting Workshop. Tempe Public Library, Tempe, AZ

Description: This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more about applying for grants. Applying for artist opportunities requires persuasion, some strong work samples, and a clear and articulated idea. In this workshop, participants will work on articulating their project idea, strategizing their work samples, and will receive some inside pointers on what panelists are looking for. This workshop will specifically focus on the Vibrant City Grant from the City of Tempe that is available to emerging artists, community groups, and organizations. This workshop will be lead by Allyson Yoder (previous Vibrant City Grant recipient) and Julie Akerly (City of Tempe Arts Engagement Specialist)

Show & Tell: The Art of Applying for Grants and Residencies. Well-Fed Artist Workshop. Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ.

  • Co-facilitated with Julie Akerly & Dienae Hunter

    Description: Applying for artist opportunities requires some persuasion, some strong work samples, and a really clear and articulated idea. Both Julie Akerly and Allyson Yoder have participated in or lead panels and have also been the recipients or grant funding and artist opportunities! In this workshop they will give some inside pointers on what it is that goes beyond behind panel doors and break down how artists can best communicate the essence of their idea, and articulate why what they do matters to a panel of decision-makers and power-holders who likely have zero context, knowledge, or understanding of what it is you do as an artist! (tip #1 - don’t use run on rambling sentences like we just did)